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Fantastic post, Joette. Entry level transcribers don't realize that research is just as important as the proper headset, foot pedal, text expander, etc. More rookies reading and learning this today will be that many fewer victims tomorrow! I'm happy to have seen this.

Originally Posted by kaitykaity33 View Post
It seemed like a good fit at the start until I ran into one of the team leads who had people skills she must have learned from Ted Kaczynski, also known as the Unabomber. Her name is Kristina.
Is this type of character bashing really necessary? I put in two years with ANP, and I don't have anything great to say about them either, but Kristina is a friend of mine. She no longer works for ANP, but she was ALWAYS the fall guy there. People don't seem to realize that her "position" was that of an IC just like the rest of us. The only thing separating her from you -- general you -- was that she was abused from both ends of the chain of command! If you think she was getting paid on time and treated like royalty, you are sadly mistaken.