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Lots and lots of people sell handmade items on Instagram and are making alot of money doing it. It's all invoiced on PayPal. I just bought 6 hand made skirts with matching bows for my 2 little girls. The girls had her instashop for a month and she's sold over 150 skirts and I have no idea how many dresses. Skirts are $20.00 each shipped. She charges $35.00 for a simple dress but its adorable & people will pay it. She's making me one for my daughters 2nd birthday party. I've ordered tons from the instashops. It's a great way to get your product in front of alot of people for free. If someone wants to buy they comment with their email address. You invoice them thru PayPal, get paid within 24 hrs and ship it when it's paid or made.
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