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I am taking training from one of the successful Internet Marketers and he suggested SEOpressor as a plugin to improve my blog and website SEO. He claims that Google as undergone a massive changes recently that keeps de-indexing unnatural back-linked pages. If Google finds out the back-links are not normal, they drop your page from index page. Also, Google is trying to collaborate social medial with blogs and website to evaluate natural back-links. Yeah! big evolution....This plugin is supposed to help you out with ranking....

I have not yet used it, but it sounds great.

Here is few things about this plugin:-

On-Page SEO: Real-time evaluation and recommendations to improve site content for SEO.

It's essentially as though you're having an SEO Expert right beside you and suggesting on ways to improve your site's on-page SEO.

If someone in the forum as already implemented this plugin, it would be great if you share little bit about SEOpressor.

Of course, I would share more about it when I implement the plugin.

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