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Originally Posted by gajewelrylady View Post
The majority of the lia sophia line is nickel safe, as well as the earring posts being surgical steel. It's virtually impossible to make jewelry "nickel free" because nickel is part of making the finish durable and shiny.
Do you mean that it's virtually impossible to make costume/fashion jewelry "nickel free?" Nickel is often used as a finish coating over jeweler's brass to help it look like silver and keep it shiny, but some of the nicer costume/fashion companies use rhodium instead.

While a few jewelry companies do put a coating on sterling silver jewelry to keep it from tarnishing, this is almost always rhodium and not nickel (although there might be nickel under the rhodium to help it adhere better). And higher-end companies usually do not coat jewelry, but instead use machine polishing or oxidation to create a nice finish to the piece.

The problem with coating is that when it wears off, you have to re-dip the piece, which can be expensive. If you have sterling silver that is polished, you can just clean it and you are back to like-new shinyness.

I know my company's sterling silver jewelry is nickel free, as the 7.5% of our alloy that is not silver is copper and zinc. Just want to clarify what you meant...
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