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Originally Posted by christent04 View Post
Most parents tell you to cherish the younger years of your children. I am cherishing these years, but longing for sleep and more "me" time.
I miss having a baby around, though I don't miss having a child who nurses all the time. Puberty - NOT a period I want to have to go through ever again. My son was mopey and wouldn't talk to a soul. My daughter wasn't horrible, but she was and still is prone to bursting into tears over nothing. Teaching her to drive is a nightmare because raise your voice at all and she's in tears. Any time I have to say "stop" or "your going over the line onto the shoulder" the frustration and tears start flowing.

I wish I still got to sleep in, but we got my daughter a kitten for Christmas, and while the kitten is supposed to be hers, I'm the one who is home all day, so every pet we have bonded with me. That means at night they either scratch at the door wanting into our room or we leave the door cracked and end up with pets who won't leave us alone. We finally have the puppy (he's really a dog now) so that he'll curl up against my knees and not budge, but the kitten at 2am decides that it's snuggle time and climbs onto my head, licks my cheek and starts purring. Hard to sleep through that, so I have to work on getting her to sleep through the night now.
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