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Definitely talk with Amber (HealthyMomma). I have had great success with Shaklee as well. I got my son on the Vitalizer and in two weeks, his teachers wanted to know what I had done differently because there was such a difference in him.

The OmegaGuard fish oil is excellent to add. Vitalizer has 500 mg of omega-3s, and the OG can add more... 1200-1500 mg / day. I like the products because I can be sure that when they say "purified", it is. There was a lawsuit a couple of years ago against fish oil manufacturers because of the PCB levels. It may not be purified (or purified to your standards), even though they may say it is. Ask for the assays.

Fun stuff that can be in unpurified fish oils:

Dioxin (found in many herbicides)
Chlordane (used a pesticide)

Stay away from carnivorous fish, especially shark, swordfish, tile fish and king mackerel due to high mercury content.

Also, if you consider using flax, be sure to be prepared to use several times more because the omega-3 in it (there are 7 in all) is ALA and will need to be converted to EPA, which is very inefficient. Be sure also that the flax seed is not rancid, as it can turn quickly and normally does not have a long shelf life. The seeds will also need to be cracked to get the benefit.

Ok... sorry about the techno-ese... All I can say is that I have used Shaklee and love how it helps. Be sure to change out your laundry products because the residues are absorbed into the skin being on the body all day and all night and cleaning products have neuro-toxic effects. Son did a science project with other cleaners vs. ours and tested handwriting by wiping their desk between writing samples. 50% of the non-shaklee kids' handwriting changed for the worse. None of the shaklee kids were affected.

Amber is awesome. She can help. And everything is guaranteed.
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