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Default Keywords

Originally Posted by veronica.l View Post
When you write your content, could be for your website or articles for other sites and directories do you use keywords?

Last year Google came down really hard on keyword stuffing and "slapped" a lot of the sites using it. If you use keywords has the way you use them changed since last year?

I use keywords in title, first and last sentence for a 500 word article or post.

Just curious to how others do it.
Yes I use keywords. Google needs you to use keywords to find you. So It does require some "stuffing" First I would recommend getting SEOpressor. Some key things to do is to title you post with your keyword, begin your article with your keyword in it, bold, italic and underline your keyword and yes end it with it. If you use wordpress use H2 and H3 with your keyword a least once.

Back linking you article to another article on your site is also a big plus.
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