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Oh boy, all the way (I upgraded to have it on my iPhone too)! You don't want to save your passwords in a book or on your computer. One of my clients is a Wordpress Security expert and boy have I learned a lot. And lately with all the hackings and breaches ALL over the Internet, you want to keep this stuff SAFE.

And some quick tips:

Don't ever use the same password twice (I am still working on changing all of mine, I have a ton).

And all passwords should have at least 10-18 characters including things like @# Some places only accept letters/numbers so for those it won't work but otherwise either have Lastpass generate a secure one for you or you do your own with letters, numbers and symbols.

One last thing...don't save them in Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.

Stay safe on the net because believe me you do not want to experience a hacking. And the moment you think it won't happen to you, it will

P.S. Two of my very good friends/clients have lost in excess of $70,000+ due to such hackings.
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