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Originally Posted by MikeF0421 View Post
As for seeking out other traffic sources, a real business would be stupid not to. However, to ignore search traffic would be equally foolish. People are searching everyday in Google for your business. If they are not finding you, they are finding your competitors.
I couldn't agree with you more Mike! The fact is that SEO is a multi pronged approach and CAN be learned AS you utilize AND TEST other traffic methods.

The answer is see Allen, why people don't use enough paid sources is:
A. They don't know what to buy
B. They are scared of wasting their money because they don't know if their stuff converts.
C. They don't have the resources. (their operating on a shoestring usually.)

The biggest key is doing a little research and test what you've learned and track your results. With buying traffic, you better have some testing methods to see what converts and what doesn't. Then obviously, kill what's not working and exploit what is.

Great info, thanks...
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