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Originally Posted by AllanJames View Post
The fast pace of algorithm updates makes it relatively inefficient to try to keep up with the formula with the purpose of gaming it. Just to make sure, in March of 2012 Google's update introduced a negative algorithmic factor weighed against sites perceived to be overly optimized.

New Google Algorithm Change Shows Uptick in Evolution Velocity - MarketingVOX

So why do we see people promoting having your own hosting and site and doing SEO when there are other ways to make money a lot faster and more reliably?

1) Piggy backing, as I call it, on an existing high traffic, high ranked, authority site.
2) Utilizing paid advertising, particularly PPV and Media Buys.
The Penguin update (which you referred to from last spring) was brutal for a lot of websites, including a could of mine. I'll admit, that sucked, but I wouldn't say SEO sucks on the whole. SEO, when done right and working for you, yields the holy grail of free organic traffic. It's my absolute favorite.

Here's the issue as I see it...

SEO changes often because the search engines (namely Google) are constantly evolving. There is no way around that, so if you get involved in SEO you need to stay current and roll with the punches. The problem is that a SEO tactic that works today may not work tomorrow, so you've got to follow the trends and be a forward thinker in how you do things.

The key as I see it - and to answer your question - is NOT to rely solely on SEO (specifically Google) for your website traffic. If you do, you risk losing traffic / leads/ sales when something you're doing now stops working. Diversify. Do SEO, but also do social media, do some PPC, media buys, etc. (I personally don't like PPV, but do that too if you like it).

This caution goes for piggybacking as well. When you piggyback on sites with built in traffic (like Squidoo, Hubpages, Blogger, etc.), you don't own that real estate, so your content can be take down whenever they feel like it... and *poof* - traffic gone.

You've got to mix it up when it comes to driving traffic to your business. Do SEO, piggybacking, social media, PPC, video, media buys, PPV - whatever works for you. Just do not solely rely on one method because if it stops working, you risk a dry spell in your business and your income until you get things flowing again.
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