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It is so hard to compare compensation plans directly. Because there might be different definitions of what a Line is and also what are the requirements to promote up to the next level.

Like with Thirty One. We don't do lines. We do Generations. You might think they are the same but they aren't.

Our Generations are anyone that is underneath you that doesn't have a Director between you.

So you can have a recruit under you that sponsors 5 people and you make the same on all of those people until a Director is promoted out. It doesn't matter how deep the team gets, you still earn the same until a Director promotes out. Also The Director will always be in your Gen 0 so her personal sales will always count for your Gen 0 requirements. Once you promote out 2 Directors, you begin to earn higher percentages (not less) on your deeper generations. We also only have to sell $4000 per month in our Gen 0.

Now to compare (and the numbers may have changed some since I was in) with my former company.

The first level of leadership was similar. You still only had to have 4 people (same as 31). You earned a higher percentage on your team but the team was required to sell $8k to earn the override and the Director was required to sell twice as much to earn the override. When she promoted out another Director, that level's override was cut in half. So the deeper it went, the less money they made on their downline under the Director.

So my point is, it is complicated to be able to compare. You can make money with any DS company. There are strengths in every career plan and areas that might not be quite as good as another. They all work if you work your business
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