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Question My Poor Blog

Okay, I'm new to SEO and all of this stuff. I didn't have a main focus for my blog, I was just focusing on gifts but realized I needed to narrow it since gifts are too huge a market without specializing. So around Christmas time, in early Novemeber, I started making a lot of posts about Christmas. Within a few days, my blog started taking off. I went from 1 view a day to 200 views a day by Decemeber.

I wasn't able to keep posting for a lot of reasons, and didn't post for about a month and of course I knew my views would go down, and took them awhile to go down. Problem is I thought that once I started posting again I would see the same nice results I saw before.

So I've decided to change the focus of the blog to babies. I understand these are 2 different keyword sets but I can always post about baby's first Christmas, christmas gifts for babies, Christmas toys for babies etc.

So basically, I have made some 'baby' posts and my views just will not go anywhere. I'm barely getting any organic traffic. I'm dying ot get my stats back up; but I hope it won't take months and months.
Does anyone have any ideas about what the problem is? If I got a lot of traffic because it was Christmas time, well everyday of the year is baby time in a sense. People are always searching for baby items?
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