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Default Beginner Tips - Affiliate Marketing, Common Mistakes

Affiliate marketing is one of the most powerful ways to earn money online. An affiliate can leverage the hard work of someone’s product mastery to earn money. This gives the affiliate a very low-cost entry to create product-related income. There is no product development for the affiliate or cost of goods sold. The only cost, is the cost to market, and there are many low cost ways to market.

So what are the common mistakes an affiliate marketer can make? If one Google’s the topic, many articles pop up and have varying opinions of the mistakes.

A common theme throughout the varied opinions is about the product. It boils down to the affiliate not knowing what the product or service does. This can obviously stem from the affiliate not even having purchased the product, but can also be a result of the affiliate not taking the time to learn about the product or service. A product or service cannot be effectively promoted if the promoter is not familiar with it or have tried it themselves. If product related questions are asked, they cannot be effectively answered. If the product is not tried, the affiliate could unknowingly be representing a bad product. Regardless of the reason for not knowing the product, there is one outcome, a damaged affiliate reputation. KNOW the products…

Another mistake worth mentioning here is choosing the wrong affiliate or a non-consumable product/service. One goal of an affiliate should be to create residual income. Make sure the program will continue to pay period over period for continued sales to the same customer. Also, make sure the product or service is consumable thus creating the need for recurring purchases.

Another common mistake affiliate marketers make is not building a list. I know you have heard the saying that people buy from people they know and trust. Build a list and create a relationship with the list. Then use the list to direct traffic to the affiliate offers. However, a relationship must be built with the list through providing value to them. If the list is just bombarded with offers, the concept is lost.

Affiliate marketing is hard work, but with consistent and persistent effort it can pay off in the long run. So, avoid the common pitfalls, and stay in the game, then reap the rewards.
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