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Default Affiliate Commissions

Of course there are a whole lot of commissions between $10-$500.

The higher, as in $500+, demands a certain level of trust and time. Typically pp don't spend that kind of money impulsively so you'll spend quite a bit of effort cultivating those relationships.

Plus you must know your audience..

For example, I have a site for newbies.. We actually set up their Wordpress blog free when they buy hosting thru our affiliate link.

Now, once they have a blog up and running, they probably need some guidance on building their business.

There are a plethora of awesome products on the market for them to benefit from. One being Brendon Burchard's product that cost $2000 (my commission $1000.)

But you have to ask yourself, would a person that just got a free website be in the market for a $2000 product? Maybe, but not likely. So I offer them a killer product of huge value and only cost $97. (my commission $72)

If I had both products on my site, which do you think I'd sell more of?

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