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Originally Posted by ybnegood View Post
I couldn't agree with you more.

The other advantage to importing over drop-shipping is I have control over the quality of the goods sent to my customers. If I order thru a drop-shipper, they can change their suppliers and send a good product out one month and a bad product out the next.

If the item is in my possession, I can verify it's quality before I ship it.....

Does pose a problem around Christmas-time though as things get pretty backed up thru the postal service and customs.... some orders took me 50 days to receive.. so planning in advance is a must.
I usually stagger my orders so I have a constant supply coming in

I also find it mind-boggling that someone shipping from China, pays less to ship to California
than I pay thru the usps to ship the same item from Illinois....

Anyone that sells stuff should look into importing goods for themselves...

Thanks for your comments Martin. Reliability of supply and quality control are big factors over which people who use dropshippers have no control.

Advance planning is of critical importance, not only around Christmas time, but also near Chinese New Year. Once you get used to it that is no problem.

I deduce from your comment about the Postal Service delays that you must be placing small orders. That is so easy to do, yet I often find people afraid to investigate direct importing because they think they have to place big orders. They have been successfully brainwashed by wholesalers and dropshippers who want to put them off the idea of doing the importing themselves.
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