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Originally Posted by Katey View Post
I guess there a people who are making good money with SFI but I don't like that their affiliates are expected to recruit other affiliates and then act as a "team leader". Also, the person or people who run SFI also own a magazine publishing company and at some point SFI affiliates are expected to purchase subscriptions in order to "advance to the next level". There are those who say the SFI is legit and those that say don't bother.
I was in SFI years ago and found it a little tough to market.
With all the changes that have come down the pipeline, I
decided to give them another try. I have not experienced
any "expectations" to become a team leader. Once an affiliate
accumulates 3000 points, and have been an Executive Affiliate
for at least 2 months, they will earn their first team leader position.

The first promotion is Executive Affiliate, which is obtained by
reaching 1500 points. I was able to do this in about 3 days,
without spending a dime. A couple days after that, I had 13
affiliates in my downline, given to me by the company. After
accumulating 3000 points in my first month, an extra 30 new
affiliates were added to my downline. Again, without spending
any money.

In order to maintain EA status, an affiliate has to earn 1500
points per month. This can be done by following a list of tasks
that are set up in the back office.

For those who choose not to accumulate points by doing tasks,
they have the option of making a monthly purchase to earn their
points this way, but it's not mandatory. 2 products are worth
1500 points which is the liquid vitamins for $32.22 / mo and the
online subscription which is $29.95 / month. There are a multitude
of products to choose from if they do not want either one of these.

Points can also be earned by signing up people to triple clicks
where affiliates can sell their own stuff, there are products sold for
auction, and you can also market triple clicks to local stores in
your area so they can sell their products online. TC is also free
to join as well.

It's not uncommon for an MLM to change their compensation plan.
This is why I don't operate just one home business. It happens.
That doesn't mean it's a scam. As far as being MIQ, I have no
idea what that is. I logged into my back office and searched this
term in our FAQs, the SFI forum, and the glossary and it did not
come up. Maybe it was one of the changes SFI done away with.

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