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Hi candysue,

I responded to the recent SFI post but have decided to opt out. I did some research, there are some WAHM threads about them too, and a lot of people said that they only made about $100.00 a month with SFI, some made a lot less.

I guess there a people who are making good money with SFI but I don't like that their affiliates are expected to recruit other affiliates and then act as a "team leader". Also, the person or people who run SFI also own a magazine publishing company and at some point SFI affiliates are expected to purchase subscriptions in order to "advance to the next level". There are those who say the SFI is legit and those that say don't bother.

Here is a link to where you can get some insight into SFI.

Be sure to read all of the posts, not just the positive ones, to get a full perspective. Here is one that made me stop and think:

"Sorry folks, SFI is a scam. First of all, SFI has not been around 15 years, Carson Services has but not SFI, SFI started somewhere around 1999-2000. Prior to that Carson Services was really just a magazine publisher and did tons of direct mail.

Gery Carson tells all of his affiliates that they must be MIQ in order to make the big money, typically, being MIQ means that people must spend approximately $30.00 a month, every month. Well knowing many people that were in SFI, I did the analysis and found that the average return over three months for people that were MIQ (or $90.00 less richer) was a mere $21. No kidding folks, MIQ works because they get people to join for free, then entice them by saying they can be come extremely wealthy by being MIQ and getting more people involved. Wrong.. why do you think Gery Carson has changed the compensation plan 4 times in the past year, with the last change just coming this past January. The only one that is really becoming wealthy off SFI is Gery Carson.. There are many other "more legitimate" biz opps out there than SFI. But if you don't believe me, ask Gery the tough questions and make him back up his answers with PROOF...."

Hope this helps.

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