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Originally Posted by wsue View Post
Ok, I still need help. I see what you are saying. I have installed using Fantastico and that's all good. My hickup is when I try to login as admin on may page with the wp admin extension I end up on a GoDaddy page that doesn't recognize my password. This happens when I follow the link that WP has sent me after installation using the password and username I set up that account with at the time of installation. I'm not getting into Wordpress. Any ideas?
Hi Wendy,

I'm glad you seem to have fixed your issue with getting to your WordPress blog, however, I have one concern. I noticed that you installed it through Fantastico. From experience I can tell you that a basic installation like that is definitely not secure from hackers, since Fantastico uses basic database names and prefixes that most hackers know about. Since you already went this route I would recommend you add at least one decent security plugin. My favorite one is a free one called Better WP Security WordPress › Better WP Security WordPress Plugins

Just don't want to see your hard work get lost by a hacker that finds it funny to mess with other people's work

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