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Search engine optimisation uses a number of tactics to draw the attention of search engines to your site. The idea behind SEO is to make your site fit as closely as possible with the searches performed with your target market. This is achieved by streamlining the elements within the site in order to make it more easily read by search engines. Of course, making your site easy for a search engine to find is only part of the journey. SEO is also designed to help make your site appear the most relevant to the searches your target viewers are likely to make. This is what makes SEO such a tricky game to play

How do you get Google to index your site?

This is very simple. Regardless of the type of site (html, flash, CMS or PHP), you want Google to index your pages because that’s the only way you can be visible for a search query on Google. The best way to do this is submitting a sitemap to Google through Google Webmaster Central. Webmasters ? Google
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