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Default Why I prefer Importing instead of Dropshipping

When I look at online sales venues such as ebay and see the same item in many listings, it is obvious that a lot of people are buying from the same dropshipper sources, and this means that margins have to be cut to the bone otherwise buyers will click “Buy Now” on the next listing of the same product if it is a dollar cheaper.

I know that problems of late delivery or sudden out of stock notices have hurt the reputation of quite a few resellers and that is a risk I would not take. I also don’t like the idea of suppliers building a big mailing list using my customers’ details.

This is why I chose 22 years ago to buy direct from manufacturers and handle the importing myself. I did have a big advantage in that I had worked for a shipping business straight out of college, and I knew the easy way to import.

I like the big profit margins that direct importing allow even when I import very small quantities. In this very competitive economy those big margins have helped me stay in business and live comfortably. I would be happy to give members further information but am only a new member so cannot advertise direct. Maybe a PM?
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