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At my fortieth birthday, my body and hormones began to change and I gained eighty pounds, despite my efforts to lose weight I couldn't. I was sick and tired all the time, I was so weak at times that I could not move around. I would be hospitalized at least twice a year (heart problems, asthma, pneumonia, blood pressure, diabetes) I gave up on dieting and exercising and excepted me as I was, until this year.

I've been taking Skinny Fiber about 8 weeks and my life has changed. I had to first learn to overcome hunger (I was always hungry - like I'd not eaten two hours prior) to match my desire to resist overeating and then changing the types of food that I consumed. Soon after starting Skinny Fiber my appetite was under control and I ate less of what was on my plate. Being free from those terrible hunger pangs allowed me the opportunity to consciously think about what I wanted to eat instead of grabbing the quickest closest thing! I was, able to think about fat, calorie, and sugar content and choose better items.

I am 15 lbs lighter and feeling great. I do have a bit of a problem with swelling (heart problem) so I believe that I have lost more than the scale is showing. I do not have to take daily naps anymore, I no longer have Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms, I am only taking one (was two) medication for diabetes, and I have tons of energy. My clothes are getting very loose and my belly (which was very huge) is disappearing! I really wish that I would have found Skinny Fiber last year. Good luck to everyone...
Meredith C.
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