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Hey there
I've been looking at this site -weighing the pros and cons of it. One thing that is holding me back is the idea to set a schedule and come in to work the chat rooms for 14 hours every week. To me, that means time that I can't log on simultaneously to another site while I am there, because it would mean leaving the free chatroom, and i can't see giving up readings somewhere else to sit in chat. (At this point I usually run a couple of different sites at a time, trying to spread my eggs into different baskets for security.)

Those of you who are logging in there, are you able to be logged in on another site as well? How important is it to preschedule those 14 hours a week. (My thoughts here being a single mom, is that flu season is coming and I don't want to be in a situation where I can't pick up my son if he is sick because I have scheduled hours in a free chatroom.)

Anyone who is logging in there have any thoughts they can share on this? Is it a factor? I just need to make sure I can do this and pay my bills rather than take away from what I am already doing. Thanks for your thoughts!
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