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Hi Jessica,

I haven't been here for a while, just read your messages.

- No. 1: Get the best possible Awards ranking! This will rule your incomes. If you are amongst the first 10 or so, you may get 10 times more traffic than others!

- No. 2: Free chat usage. I know some of the Psychics doesn't like it, but believe me, this is a perfect marketing tool. If you use it properly, it gives you a bunch of new Clients. I know some readers on Oranum whom are complaining about Members taking them to private too fast!!

- No 3: Promotion. use the additional promotional tools Oranum offers, like e-mail readings, recorded videos, pictures, the Community site, and so on. They have a bunch of official and non-official offers (like some of the readers are giving out free credits amongst their Clients when they reach a milestone). You may contact their support, they are always happy to help.

Hope this helped Jessica.

John J.
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