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WOW first off all you are soooo lucky to have a 3 year old who sleeps until noon! lol Mine were all up by 6 or 7am when they were little. Luckily I don't have that aspect to deal with anymore (all grown adults lol)

You said: FYI: I even have a feng shui water fountain in the NW corner of my office where I do readings. The NW corner is the wealth ($$) corner of your house and a flowing water fountain represents money coming to you.

Now see, I have heard the opposite, if you have water flowing in your money area it is like money going down the drain, so you might want to turn it off for a while and see if it helps.

Who knows when or even IF this is a summer lag. When I first started back in March, there were usually no more than 10-15 readers online at any one time. So unless "O" is increasing its (active) membership exponentially...50 readers online available for readings is going to make slim pickens for the readers...this is actually a scary trend you have noticed...I didn't think that many readers were on unless they do some sort of incentive for the readers to be on (they recently offered an additional 10% to readers who spent the most time in free chat on Labour day...not sure if you caught that one) and you will find LOADS of readers on trying to get that incentive.

So yeah hang in there. Burn purple candles or have an amethyst crystal around, this promotes psychic powers and might help calm you during your time online. Don't discount how your energy and emotions can effect or block the readings you get or provide....

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