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Originally Posted by Pink Widow View Post

This is a question that just cannot be answered with any accuracy. Sadly, most sites like Oranum have peaks and lows any day, week or month.

If you are working during a certain time of day, change it up and try another time. If you are working certain days, change to different days.

Explore any blocks that you might have within yourself. I know that when I have lulls in my readings, sometimes that causes me to have anxiety and doubt myself... this turns into a vicious circle for me and if I don't stop it it just gets worse. This seems to block my energy and abilities so I take a day or 2 or 3 off to reground and recenter myself.

Relax with it. You have only been doing this for two days! Relax.

For what its worth, I have noticed that Oranum has been slow the last couple of months. Whether this is do to a summer lag (as many companies report) or if this is due to Oranum continuing to hire and over saturate their site; I don't know.

Most likely the days of surpassing the $100 mark in a few hours are probably gone. That was when they only had 4-500 they have breached the 2000 reader mark! it might take a little longer.

You are just going to have to trust yourself and hopefully that shines through into confidence that the customers can see.

Good luck hun
Thank you Pink! You're a lifesaver! I have been experimenting with different times of the day. My main times though are 9pm to 2am because 9pm is my 3 year old daughter's bedtime and I'm lucky--she sleeps till noon! Just because I put her to bed at 9pm, doesn't mean she goes straight to sleep. Sometimes she will stay up until 2am talking to herself! She gets no caffeine and she hardly ever sleeps thru nap time anymore.

Ive seen that they have over 2000 readers, but I've also noticed that no more than about 50 are on at one time. (I studied this trend for a couple weeks as I waited for my test reading)

Do you or anyone else on here know when the summer lag will be over? I'm excited to start doing more readings for people!!!!

FYI: I even have a feng shui water fountain in the NW corner of my office where I do readings. The NW corner is the wealth ($$) corner of your house and a flowing water fountain represents money coming to you. I turn it on when I wake up and turn it off when I go to bed.
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