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This is a question that just cannot be answered with any accuracy. Sadly, most sites like Oranum have peaks and lows any day, week or month.

If you are working during a certain time of day, change it up and try another time. If you are working certain days, change to different days.

Explore any blocks that you might have within yourself. I know that when I have lulls in my readings, sometimes that causes me to have anxiety and doubt myself... this turns into a vicious circle for me and if I don't stop it it just gets worse. This seems to block my energy and abilities so I take a day or 2 or 3 off to reground and recenter myself.

Relax with it. You have only been doing this for two days! Relax.

For what its worth, I have noticed that Oranum has been slow the last couple of months. Whether this is do to a summer lag (as many companies report) or if this is due to Oranum continuing to hire and over saturate their site; I don't know.

Most likely the days of surpassing the $100 mark in a few hours are probably gone. That was when they only had 4-500 they have breached the 2000 reader mark! it might take a little longer.

You are just going to have to trust yourself and hopefully that shines through into confidence that the customers can see.

Good luck hun
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