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Default I'm on Oranum but I'm not getting enough readings. What am I doing Wrong? :-(


I did my test reading the other day for Oranum and started yesterday (9/6/2012). I've heard of people passing the $100 mark within a few HOURS of logging on. I made just over $20 my first day after working about 2 hours. I don't know whether or not that's good money for someone at the 99 cent rate.

I took special time and effort in my office background appearance. I decorated it with a celestial tapestry on the wall, a plasma ball and an incense lamp that looks like a genie lamp. I definitely look the part and have gotten a ton of compliments on it.

Lately though the traffic has been god awfully slow, with most of the people in my free chat not having any credits to get a reading, and some wanting a reading for free.

I've been getting on from around 9p to 2a Eastern Standard Time. Can anybody give me any advice? I'd like to know what the busiest times of the day/night are at Oranum and when the customers are on that have money to spend and will spend their money. Most of all I just need advice. I know not to quit, as I have just started.

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