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Originally Posted by auburnwahm View Post
Hello Doug. Great to see you here on the boards again. Yes, there is actually a way to make sure that the calls were made utilizing several methods. One is called detailed billing and the other is called a spreadsheet, where they have to record the date of the call and the results of that call, which then can be verified by comparing the two side by side and being able to match them up with the calls. People can get detailed billing through either their phone company or via Google Voice or via Vonage (which is what I utilize). I do this every single day. Just thought this might help.

Also, my preference is to be paid by the hour, because I can for sure tell you that I make the phone calls and can prove it by the above. JMO.

I hope this helps. Please feel free to message me if you would like, as I would be interested in helping making the calls for you and I have 20 plus years of experience in doing so, including working on a full-time telecommuting basis.
I did think about the spreadsheet but had not thought about the detailed billing. The spreadsheet still boils down to trust....which I have no problem doing, but I do like the idea of detailed billing.

I would definitely pay by the hour but my point was maybe a bonus of $5 per business signed on. Maybe bonus over a certain number per hour or better yet per week?

If a WAHM signs on 10 businesses in one week she wont receive a bonus but if she signs on 40 she gets a bonus.......just thinking out loud as I want everyone's feedback.

This needs to be a win/win and the WAHM's that work hard need to be paid accordingly.

I like the detailed billing idea.......a lot!.....:}


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