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If you work out, Neuro is going to be a big benefit to you. Try taking it on a relatively empty stomach (try waiting at least 30 minutes to an hour after a meal), 15 minutes before your workout. It has an important amino acid called "arginine" in it that will really give you a boost without jitters. Arginine is in many athletic performance drinks, but it almost always comes with creatine, another amino acid.

Most men love creatine because it gives the Incredible Hulk bulk they think is attractive (I'm talking about the lifters at the gym). Most women (including me) want to stay away from creatine because it makes us bloated...I mean really bloated, worse than when "Flo" comes to town.

I teach fitness classes and work out everyday but Sunday and the only pre-workout drink I could find to give me a pump without jitters that had arginine but not creatine came from my chiropractor...for $66/month. I bought it once, loved it, but the cost was insane. Then I found Neuro and I'm in Heaven! It gives me a boost, helps me remember my routines, and loads me with clean, jitter-free energy. I hope you can try it. Just remember: empty stomach, 15 minutes before exertion.

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