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I can tell you about TranscribeMe! It's true you just do short files so it is perfect for someone without much experience. The site is pretty new and the company really want to build a workhub that transcribers find useful so they are listening to feedback and suggestions to make TranscribeMe the best place for people to work no matter how much or how little experience. You can create an account here:, if you want to check it out!

Originally Posted by Fairy1 View Post
Hello, anyone know anything about TranscribeMe? It appears you can just sign up, take a test, and then you can start transcibing. I've been wanting to get into transcription but have no training for it and the site says they offer really short files. I thought that would be good practice. I signed up for Speechink and after taking the test 3x I got a qualification score of 93, which is good but it took me over an hour to transcribe 2 and half minutes of a file that I had even become familiar with so I'm looking for somewhere that offers short files so I can get a little confidence before I commit to Speechink's bigger files. Anyone have any thoughts about TranscribeMe? Thanks!
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