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Hey, thanks for your reply, good to see someone has some experience with them. I was thinking they were probably a new company. I transcribed a file for them this morning that was 2 minutes long, took me forever haha. I thought I saw somewhere on their site that their files were 8-10 seconds long but looks like they're a few mins each, which is fine. I forgot about Quicktate, I looked at them before but never filled out the application. I'll have to check them out again.
I signed up for Speechink and after taking the test 3 times I finally got a 93 but I'm a little nervous about doing files because they are verbatim. I did good on the test but I listened to it so much and studied my mistakes of course I finally got it right, I'm concerned I'll do terrible with a new file lol. I do plan to keep doing files for them though.
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