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Originally Posted by PinkPea View Post
I am one of many on this board who seem to be thinking about becoming a travel agent and I have a few questions: I am sure many others have the same questions.

-Does the host agency provide leads ?

-Does the host agency provide a variety of travel brochures that I can send out ?

-How do travel agents market their services ?

-Does the host agency provide a web site for me to share with others or is this something I have to take care of myself ?

Thanks in advance for all who take time to answer these questions. I appreciate your time

Pink Pea
Let me see is I can help...

Most host agencies do not provide leads.

Suppliers (disney, cruise lines, etc) will provide you with travel brochures for their products. But most have online brochures.

You will have to market yourself. Phone book, Facebook, linked in, you tube, etc.

Each host agency is different in what they provide. My host (mtravel) does provide a 'generic' website, that they keep up to date. I personally focus on Disney Travel... so I created my own website.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

My host agency (mtravel) has a great video online;
MTravel Overview

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