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For the notes, what I did was I named the page something like "a", then I would number 1-24 down the side leaving a few lines in between each number for notes such as shutter speed, aperture, the lens I had on at the time and brief description of the scene. When I finished the roll of film I would write on the top cap the letter, and note the date I took it in for development. I usually only developed one roll at a time when I was experimenting.

When you get the roll developed you can request a CD for a little extra, or they might give you a proof card, showing a small thumbnail of the photo. These are usually in the order in which it was developed. Most labs will print them in the order they are developed or reverse.

If you shoot say 2-3 of the same scene and make changes to the settings usually the image will either be darker or brighter. You can match this up the actual negatives. The negative will either be darker, brighter or in the middle just like the prints. Once you have which one goes where in the series, you can see the number it was on the negative. Most film below the photo on the negative had a number so you new which shot it was (this was my experience).

Once you know the number you go back to your notes and compare the settings between each photo and see how it changed it.

The other thing you could do is change the scene slightly and note how you changed it. Like if you were shooting a palm on the beach but wanted different settings to see how it changes it. Put the tree to the right in one photo, change settings now frame it up with tree to left, then lastly frame it up with tree centered. Just note where the object was in the frame on your notepad so you can tell later once you have the prints.

Or you can place a small object in the frame in a corner that you can crop out later, like a rock in lower right, then lower left, and then no rock. Just note where it was with each photo, like I said with this its only testing but if you get something cool you can crop out a little of the frame to remove the rock/object.
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