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Originally Posted by Krystle512 View Post
When I was doing daycare I charged $100 per child no matter their age. Sometimes I think I should have charged more considering that's like $2.50 an hour per kid lol.
Yeah I definately think its a must to charge more for infants. They are ALOT more work. So I totally think that more money should be paid for an infant. Almost all day cares charge more for infants/kids under the age of 2.

I decided after watching an almost one year old that is still on formula/baby food and just learning to walk that I am going to charge more for infants if I ever have fill in child care spots available. Meaning if I watch them temporarily as a fill in sitter. But ... that for full time and part time child care I am not taking anyone unless they are 2 and up. Simply because for me, it takes away from the older kids and I dont want to do that. So ... thats what I finally decided about mine.

I do still have the almost one year old but, still debating on keeping him or dropping him. Still thinking on that one ...
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