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Originally Posted by theauctionmoms View Post
Very pretty items, I love to make jewelry when I have time, but like to keep it for myself.

The detail in your minatures is incredible, looks like a great eBay niche.

I personally agree that the 50 free listings per month take the risk out of listing on eBay.
Thanks! I like jewelry too, and believe it or not I don't have on of my carvings ......been doing it for years. My son has a few. I have a goal this year to make an extra of each and start wearing some of it. it is very toxic to work with so I am hoping to do little of it in the near future.

another great ebay niche is buttons. they call them Studio buttons and you would list them under Collectibles, Sewing, Buttons, Other. they can be up to 2" in diameter Some button collectors collect them and they love to see new artist buttons. Lamp glass is very popular.......different ways to make buttons. the fimo ones don't bring alot but they do sell. Just saying in case someone on the forum does glass works, then buttons is another income avenue.
A person can just do a search for artist buttons, or Studio Buttons.....or just browse through the Other section under buttons.
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