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Default which of the 3

Originally Posted by lani7 View Post
Hello, I was hoping to get your opinion on the following 3 companies that I am seriously considering as
a business.
Signature Homestyle
Celebrating Home
AtHome America

If anyone had host for these companies would you share your experience, people'
s response to the products. Also if anyone is in one of these companies, if any of you decided btwn the others and why you chose yours. Also, if anyone wants to share their experiences if they are no longer in it.

Which would you host for or buy from if you had to choose only one? Thanks.
The only one of those I did ok in was Celebrating Home. the only two Party Plan businesses I was in for a time, and made money in them, was Celebrating Home when it was Home & Garden Party and Mary Kay. H&GP was 40% commission company paid the hostess, MK is 50% and you pay the hostess. those are good commissions. Most companies have their the "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" I think
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