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Originally Posted by rhonda_wahm View Post
Thanks so much! I am beginning to think my rates might be to low actually. I have been charging Full Time 4 days or more for $100 wk for the first child and $75 for each additional child. Part Time is 3 days or less Ive been charging $60 a week for the first child and $50 for the second. I provide breakfast, lunch, snack and drinks. So I am thinking maybe my rates are to low ....
Hey Rhonda!!

I replied to another thread that you started as well.. .and I honestly do think that your rates are too low!! Specially with everything that you provide on top of what you already have to buy (like cleaning agents, toilet paper, utensils, water, electricity, craft supplies..etc).... I would honestly look into upping your rates....

I did ask in the other thread, how would you go about raising the rates and coming to your clients with the higher rates?? I am curious because I'd like to do the same with one of my long-term clients. I've been giving them a very discounted rate compared to my other clients and would like to raise the rate.. .but am unsure how to go about it without it coming off greedy or coming off wrong and ending in the result of pushing them away... Anyway, I wrote more about it on the other thread, too! lol
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