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Originally Posted by rhonda_wahm View Post
I would really love to watch children 2 and over but it seems that I have had a lot of calls for 4-6 month olds. Do you charge more for an infant that you do a toddler/older child? If so ... how much more would you recommend I charge?

I really prefer keeping them all close in age so that I can do things with them all together. It just makes the day much smoother. But ... it seems that those that call have one toddler and one infant. So wondering if I should just charge more for an infant?
Hi Rhonda,

I currently provide childcare and I charge a base rate for all ages; however, I've been strongly debating on changing the rate for younger ones. They require so much more time and energy and I think it'd be worth it to charge extra. I can't really say what to charge because rates are different in all states... I charge $125/wk or $30/day...which is comparable to other rates in my area but others that have infants charge more....and I recommend doing that. I recently got rid of a 1 year old I was watching because he required a lot of attention and was really fussy which made it hard to do things with the older ones that I have. I recommend trying to have kids around the same age but that can be hard cause I've noticed most people looking for childcare have infants in need of care. Good luck!!!
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