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I agree with you. There is no reason a writer needs a degree unless it is in a specific area. It's especially unreasonable to require a degree for .01 a word.

Originally Posted by Mr.Shiro View Post
I'm from the UK, but ads like this really make me shake my head because it's not as if a college degree is going to change anything about your writing.

The only time where I would accept it's needed is for highly technical work on highly specialised subjects, but for most part it's a complete joke. Oh yes because those three years of drinking are really going to come in handy here.

And this is before we get into the rest of this person's unreasonable expectations just to apply. I have no issue with writing for $0.01/word as I don't believe it's completely below my league, but for those sort of expectations I would be expecting much more. These are rates for jobs which anybody should be walking into.

Sorry for the rant, but I'm in an expressive mood today!
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