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Originally Posted by MalloryObKnoxious View Post
Did any of you actually go to iwriter before you applied?

Right on the homepage, the company boasts, "articles as low as $2!" and has a testimonial from a guy in Mumbai who states that he can easily make $50-$70 per week.
I see what you're saying. The thing is, I saw the website during the early days of the massive DM downward spiral (for me, anyway), applied and was accepted. Again, I just couldn't bring myself to do write anything so I had put it out of my mind, which is one more reason the email caught me off-guard.

By the way, if I truly needed to do it, I would try to write something for them, but I just can't bring myself to do anything for them with their blatant attitude regarding writers. Also, for me, it's one thing to sign up of my own accord while seeing that attitude on the website, and another to receive an email "talking about me/us" in such a non-entity type of way, for whatever reason.
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