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Default So, I received this email...

I haven't written much here, but I do appreciate the community very much.

I was disappointed when I received this email. I'm not sure how I even received it. I guess that as much as we put out there, it's going to happen. Maybe. Basically, it is a *client* who is happy with the ultra low rates of a particular content providing company.

I left out the sender's name, company name and even the content provider in question. I suppose it's even possible that it's a covert ad email for the content company in question. I didn't know what information was kosher to include, so I thought I would err on the side of caution.


The subject line reads: "Where I buy all of my articles and content. Dirt cheap"

If you haven't tried it out yet,
I highly recommend using .... for all of your
content needs.

Here's why, in a nutshell:

1. It's SO cheap. Only 67 cents per 100 words. There is no
place on the planet that's cheaper than this.

2. You pay exactly NOTHING if you don't like an article
that's been written for you. You can approve or reject
articles as they are written. You only pay when you approve
an article.

3. Signing up for an account is free.

4. You can request 1 article or 1,000 articles to be written
and you'll receive the 1, just as fast as you would receive
the 1,000. The way the system is set up, thousands of writers
will respond to your request and multiple writers will
quickly take on your project. So, you could submit a request
for 1,000 articles to be written and actually receive all
1,000 in only a couple of days!

5. As writers write for you, you can add specific writers
to your "favorites" list and then submit your feature
projects to ONLY those writers. This way, you're actually
building your own writing team bigger and bigger, the more
you use ..... It's awesome how this works.

6. It's super easy to post a project. You basically just
just paste in a list of keywords and iWriter handles the

7. It's also super easy to download them. They come as text
files you can quickly and easily download to your computer.

... and I could list a lot more, but I think it's obvious
why ... is quickly becoming the top choice of most
internet marketers for content creation.

Here's to cranking out lots of content for pennies!
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