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Phone interviews are one on one, they must have done that just for the B&M location.

Orientation and training sessions are conference calls done over a bridge session, and there are also periods of self-paced training.

Training varies depending on the company you'll be working with. The first company I worked with I trained for 4 weeks, the next I trained for 2, but it was all paid.

I can't speak for the in house experiences, but the at home division has some fantastic supervisors. I'm friends with a lot of my old co-workers and sups on Facebook & we talk often.

Payroll is available online and deposited either to your bank account or to a direct pay card. W-2s are uploaded to the same ADP system as your pay stubs so you don't have to wait for it. The first paycheck is paper though because you need that information to set up your account access on the ADP site.

Any phone will work for training as long as it won't go dead or run out of minutes mid call. If you use a cell I suggest plugging it into the wall during training calls because sometimes they can last a few hours.

The interviews are pretty standard. Tell me about a time you gave excellent customer service, tell me about how you handled a frustrating situation, etc.

Before you get a phone interview you need to do the virtual test. It's the generic virtual call center thing that most companies have started using followed by the standard choose the most accurate answer thing.

Do the assessment in IE, set at 100% and make sure your computer is plugged into the modem/ router so that it can detect the latency. You'll also need to make sure your firewall is on.

I hope I've answered any questions you still had, but if not feel free to ask away.
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