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Talking The Big Announcement is here!


Online Gold Canyon parties are *NOW AVAILABLE!*

Who should use Party Online ordering?

Everyone! Here are a couple of examples of how this program can maximize your Host Rewards and Commissions:

1. When your Hosts have a number of guests who canít make it to their home party, but still want to place an order. They can be sent an invitation to to shop online with a unique Party Online Code! Their orders will count toward the party sales, help BOOST their Host Rewards and an added *BONUS* is they can have their orders shipped ANYWHERE in the US or Canada!

2. Or perhaps your Hosts want to do a party with their office coworkers, but don't have time to host a traditional home Party. You or your hosts can then send out a Party Online invitation and their guests can shop strictly online! Their orders will be added to their Party order using their unique Party Online Code!

I am so THANKFUL to have this option available! =) Have a wonderful day everyone and don't forget to SHARE this option with all your pasts hosts/guests!