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Default me too

Hi Guys

I just wanted to let you know that is most definitely not restricted to US/Canadian writers. I am a UK writer and received that same email too. I have been in touch with Populis telling them I think it's a disgusting way to treat their writers, to which they replied saying I could apply again the future! Ermmmm...If I am not good enough now, how will I be good enough in the future?

I also received the same email posted here about "staggering the bonus", which is their way of not having to shell out a lump sum. If they were going to do that would it not have made sense to make the first payments today with everyone's pay? Therefore cutting down on Paypal fees?

I didn't rely on it immensely, I am more angry at the way they just "deactivate" people they owe money too! And I shall be making my disgust known on their nice new Facebook page!

Have a nice day.
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