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Originally Posted by anng View Post
Per Populis:

You will receive payment for outstanding articles via Paypal today. You will also receive bonus on a staggered basis (any bonus that was earned in the first week of September will be paid this week, any bonus from the second week of September will be paid next week etc.). Do let us know if there are any discrepancies (but we don't anticipate any as we do have a record of all your statistics).

I notice how they omitted any detail about the articles that were pending editing which was my first question. I'm assuming "outstanding" articles means pending editing and already approved, but I have no way of knowing that for certain. And the staggered bonus makes me really think that they are short on cash.
Wow, that's bizarre. Think you're correct. Populis must be having major money problems.

BTW, the way they're paying bonuses I'm guessing means they're also screwing their writers. For instance, if you write 150 articles a month you should get a bonus of payment for 30 extra articles. But, the way they're doing it, you'll probably get paid just for the articles that week so....if you have 33 articles one week and 32 the week after, instead of getting paid for an extra 13 articles, you'll only get paid for an extra 12 total (6 from your first week and 6 from your second - as the extra 3 and 2 wont' get added into your total because you've got to have written 5 to get paid for an extra one.

See what I'm saying? What scumbags.

Anyway thanks for the info. I was going to message them to find out about bonus payment but just couldn't be bothered. They're such a waste of time.
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