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Originally Posted by UPIcoBanni View Post
Sharing your success story is and will be an inspiration/motivator to SO MANY individuals! While I was aware of the Ticket To Work program however like most I was completely unaware of the My Employment Options. I provide resources to our Community Access & Referral Team to clients from all accross the US so having information as such is extremely helpful! For those reading and needing services another great site is Virtual Call Center and Contact Center, Work-at-Home Jobs | NTI as they are a staffing firm for disabled persons needing telecommuting/work-at-home positions.

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Thank you for replying to my post. I am glad to hear the information was helpful to you I used to somewhat hide my situation and then I realized by sharing it and talking about it, might help someone else out there not feel so alone or isolated because I felt that way for a long time.

Based on what you do for your work, we might be able to partner in someway with the clients that you have and our program and Employers we work with. If you are interested in that, I can give you the name and number of our President who coordiates with agencies nationwide!

I am familar with NTI. They are also a Employment Network in the Ticket to Work program but are extremly large. As a client only a few years ago, I tried applying with them for a short time before I found employment options and lets say it wasn't what I had hope for. (this is just my experience). It is a giant company and I felt like a number. Had a hard time following their process and procedures to even get an account with them. I gave up.

Employment options has less than 20 employees and we truly believe in the 'personal touch' and many of our staff are disabled so we understand in a small way what that is like and the emotions, fears, and concerns of trying to return to work and making ends meat these days.

I mentioned people can apply under 'job seekers' on our website. But if someone still prefers the personal touch, you can call Shieka at 800-441-3114 ext 754 and she will quailfy you over the phone! We believe in treating people as people not a number!

Have a great day all!

I am always here to answer questions, be a shoulder or point people in some direction that might help them!

The great thing about Ticket to Work is also it benefits National Employers. We pre-screen each of our applicants so we know their skill level, their work history and experience. We try to match them with the best job for them.

Benefits to Employers: Any Employer that hires a person in the Ticket to Work program, gets a $2,400 tax credit per indivifual hired. so it is a win win situation.

If anyone owns a business or knows of Employers that could use this information, you can direct them to our website link for Employers: Employers Hire Disabled | My Employment Options

So honestly, its a win win for everyone.. The Client, us and The Employer we partner with1It is one of the greatest Government programs out there because of the benefits that it offers clients and its free to all SSDI and SSI clients ALWAYS!

I look forward to meeting more of you