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Default Tips on what to eat to Build abs

So here is our list of tips to grow abs through your nutrition. Also Make sure u add Vi-Shake daily When u don't get the Nutrition & Protien in your diet!! Eating Healthy from the grocery store can be costly!

•Eat Small Portions Regularly. You should eat around 7 times a day. Therefore take your daily quota of food and break it in seven portions. You are thereby training your body to adapt to a n...ew rhythm.
•Protein is a must. Protein is what is going to feed your muscles so make sure to base your whole diet on it.
•Good carbs and fiber will help strengthen and regulate your system.
•Cut on sugar as much as you can.
•Avoid anything fatty and caloric: Fat will hide your abs.
•To eat in plus quantity:
◦Green Vegetables
◦Dairy Products (only low fat).
◦Lean meats like Turkey
◦Whole grains
◦Eggs (farmers’ eggs instead of high scale ones )
◦Oat related food. Consider eating sugar-free oat cookies as a dessert instead of the usual sugary desserts.
◦Berries such as raspberries

it cost alot to eat from the grocery store, most of all this can be found in the The Meal that Taste like a Cake Mix & it does the body good. Build Lean Muscle, Save money, Get healthy! FOR FREE!

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