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Default You CAN Work As An Employee Under Arise

TR, I also work for as an ACP (Arise Certified Professional). I think this may be a good option for the OP because she may not be aware of the fact that you do not HAVE to start your own corporation to work for Arise. My friend introduced me to Arise and I actually began working under her corporation. So she handles all the taxes and payroll and she keeps a percentage of the money that I make and she pays out the rest to me. This way I donít have to pay the money or have the responsibility of running a corporation, taxes and handling a business bank account. My friend also fronted me the cost of ACP 101, which was $99 at the time but sometimes they run specials, and she took the amount out of my first 3 paychecks. I think this is a good alternative for the OP because she can reduce her costs and level of responsibility. If you are interested in working for under someone elseís corporation you can find someone who has a VSC (Virtual Services Corporation) on their FB page (Arise Virtual Solutions) or you can also e-mail [email protected].