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Red face Watkins vs Melaleuca?

Hi all. I'm not looking to take on a new business venture. I'm currently head over heels with work and the two I have going on right now, but in about 2 years, I probably would take on a 3rd. I came to this board because I know there are a few *green* companies and after my sweetheart was complaining the other day about feeling sick and having a headache (after he helped clean the house --lucky me ) I am a BILLION percent positive I'm going *green* after I use up the rest of these cleaners. I, myself, have always felt ill when cleaning the house. I get nauseous and have a headache, but I never bought *green* stuff because it was a bit more pricey. I'm now at the point where I have a little extra money and want household stuff that isn't going to make me feel like junk. How are you guys different from the competition? Can someone buy stuff without having to buy a certain amount or sell it? Thanks!
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