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Default Welcome to WAHM! Forum Rules - Read Before Posting

Please act like adults. These boards are for uplifting help, advice and discussions. If you have nothing nice to say, no matter the subject, do not bother posting it here.

We will delete your post if you break any of these rules. If you post about your post being deleted, that will also be deleted, and you may be suspended. If you have a question about your post being deleted, please contact at directly.

Additionally, posts that are in response to deleted posts may be deleted as well, since they may not make sense without the original post.

Here are the rules of the boards:

1. You are allowed only one username.
Breaking this rule will get all of your usernames suspended.
2. We only allow ads or promotion in ONE forum area: Promote Your Business.
There are specific rules to follow in each of the Promote Your Business forums, so be sure you follow them, or your post will be deleted by the moderator.

Ads include posts that invite others to visit your site, buy your products, join your program, include an affiliate link, include self-promotion, promote your team, promote your sponsor, say how great your sponsor/team is, or "I have that information on my site, here's the link", etc. This applies to all Rep forums as well, no advertising allowed. Please review information on what is allowed in Rep forums here.

Please do not start threads to only post an article written by yourself (or written by someone else and implied as if it's written by you). We do not permit article marketing on the forums.
3. Attacking or harassing ANYONE is not allowed.
You will be banned for it. That includes negative comments about the boards, other members, admins or moderators.
4. Use appropriate punctuation and capitalization when posting.
Do not post in ALL CAPS or use punctuation or special symbols to over-emphasize or create special graphics to enhance posts (multiple characters such as $$$ or !!!!! etc. are not allowed). Your ad is viewed as less credible and often times gets reported as spam. ALL CAPS is allowable only for acronyms. Posts are removed for overuse of special characters or caps and a warning or infraction is sent. Please note that re-postings of ads (job postings) from elsewhere do not have to be edited to conform to our rule, but their subject headers should.
5. You can only bump your post ONE time.
Beyond that you will receive a warning and possibly suspension depending on how many times you did it.
6. No personal website links in your post.
Please use your signature file for this. We have the right to ask anyone to remove their signature file or avatar if at any time we feel it is not appropriate for our site.

**You will find a place to add your signature in your User CP.

**You will be allowed a link in your signature file and a custom avatar once you've promoted to the WAHM Regular user group. Please refer to the User Group Privileges table below for more information on signatures and images in signatures.

**Do NOT post a link at the bottom of your post in place of your signature. These posts will be deleted, which will cause you to wait even longer for a signature file by reducing your post count (or possibly lead to being banned).**
7. No admin issues are to be discussed on the board.
Please contact directly at if you have any complaints or questions regarding the rules of the forum.
8. If you are suspended, DO NOT try coming back under another name.
This will get you completely banned forever.
9. We do not permit buying or selling of signature line space.
If you are caught doing this, you will be banned.
10. Do not make income claims.
All posts, ads, and signature files with income claims of any type will be deleted.
11. The same rules for the overall board apply to Visitor Messages.
Do not spam other people’s message centers.

User Group Privileges:

__________________________________________________ ______

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